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There is a fine line between delivering a service to a client and becoming a useful advisor to his own business management team. Our clients have invited us across that line. They have faithfully recognized that we do indeed make a contribution to their business beyond our association with their financial statements. This statement leads us to the following questions:
  • How do you know whether an accounting firm is right for you?
  • If your tax returns are never questioned, is it because your accountant only takes the government's point of view?
  • When you receive a quick answer to a complex question, is it because your accountant is brilliantly knowledgeable, or not taking the time to look the matter up?

To answer these queries we need to understand your personal and business goals, as a whole, so that we can give you the proper advice.

We work hard to encourage a two-way relationship with clients built on trust, open communication and our enthusiastic involvement in the pursuit of goals. This attitude is a major reason why we have developed so many long-term client relationships.

Since we started rendering services at the end of the ´70 we are linked with international professional organizations. To date we are an independent member of The Leading Edge Alliance, the second largest association of independently owned accounting and business advisors firms  with offices in 110 countries and 24.034 staff working in 620 offices.

Know our South-American correspondent group of firms

The knowledge in establishing this group is part of our background to advise adventurous clients, who themselves are seeking to take their business through unfamiliar roads.
  • Argentina: Córdoba, Mendoza, Ushuaia.
  • Bolivia: Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
  • Brazil: Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo.
  • Chile: Santiago de Chile.
  • Colombia: Santa Fe de Bogotá.
  • Ecuador: Quito.
  • Peru: Lima.
  • Uruguay: Montevideo.
  • Venezuela: Caracas.


If you like us to help you or simply require further info on our range of skills and services, please contact us to:

(+5411)4322-6347 o (+5411)4322-6357​